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BASTA, Inc. Advocates to Eradicate Slum Housing


Each year, illness affects an estimated 48,000 people living in slum conditions. Exposure to mold, rats, roaches and bedbugs (chinches) can devastate a person’s health — causing illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and rashes. BASTA forces slumlords to repair their buildings or sell them to responsible landlords, as well as pay compensatory damages to low-income tenants who suffer under slum conditions. In the past 5 years, BASTA has obtained more than $5,000,000 on behalf of over 300 families. We know your housing rights.


Report Bad Conditions and Code Violations

Do not hold back when complaining about unsanitary conditions in your rental unit. As a tenant you can request repairs to the landlord and/or management company. 

Follow these easy steps to help facilitate this process:

Make sure your requests are always in writing. 

Make a list and take pictures of the bad conditions.

Request an inspection by the appropriate department.

Get the inspector’s contact information or business card.

Get a Certified Copy of the inspection report 10 days after the inspection.


Visit one of our offices today to discuss your current situation and see how BASTA, Inc. can help.


(Disclaimer: Any information provided through this page and website does not constitute as legal advice).

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